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Water Heater Replacement: When Do I Call My Plumber?

Water Heater Replacement: When Do I Call My Plumber?
This article explains when to call BC Plumbing to replace your water heater. It includes tips on what to look at and how to test your water heater.

When talking about water heaters, most people are not sure when it’s a good time to replace them. Most people don’t replace them until they start leaking. Although most plumbers install precautionary measures to prevent damage to homes when this happens, they are not always foolproof. A water heater bursting in an attic or in an interior room can obviously cause a lot of damage. Here are a few pointers to look at to determine if you’re ready to replace your water heater.

Look for corrosion on the pipes on top of your water heater. Any discoloration can be a sign of electrolysis. This occurs when water passes through two different types of metals. It will weaken the joints and pipes, causing leaks.

Locate your shut-off valve on the cold side of your water heater. Turn it off and back on again. If you cannot turn it, or it leaks when you do, it indicates that the valve has not been exercised and is showing age.

This is your temperature and pressure relief valve. It is a very important part of your water heater. This little device keeps your water heater from blowing up in your house. Pull the little lever, and it will release water to show that the valve is working. If this valve leaks after you exercise it, that is a sign that it is aged.

This is your water heater pan. If you have water in it, call BC Plumbing immediately. 

Most importantly, look for a sticker like this. This will tell you the age of your water heater. If your water heater is approaching or is past the 15-year mark, consider replacing it. You may think 15 years is not that old, but remember they don’t make them like they used to.

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