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Plumbing Services
5 Services
Drain Cleaning A slow or clogged drain can be extremely inconvenient for a homeowner. Whether it’s a slow sink, standing water in the shower, or a toilet that won’t flush. Our expert plumbers will have you flowing in no time.
Fixture Repair Faucets / Garbage Disposals / Showers / Sinks / Toilets / Tubs Our professional plumbers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle installation, routine maintenance, and emergency fixture repairs. BC Plumbing has the tools necessary to repair any broken fixture, sink, bathtub, shower, toilet, or garbage disposal.
Gas Service Gas Appliance Installation / Gas Lamp Installation / Gas Line to Generator / Gas Line to Pool Heater Do you detect the odor of gas? Have you recently installed a generator or a pool heater? Is that gas lamp out of date? Do you want to put in a gas lamp? Let the experts at BC Plumbing handle your gas service needs, no matter what they are.
Water Heater Repair Electric / Gas / InstaHot / Instant / On Demand / Tanked / Tankless If your water heater isn’t producing enough hot water, is leaking, or you simply want to upgrade your tank or tankless water heater, our professional plumbers can help.
Water/Drain/Gas Leak Repair Do you have a leaking pipe? Our professional plumbers can repair any size leak.
Inspection Services
2 Services
Camera Inspection We have the most advanced video inspection equipment available. If you are selling or purchasing a home, wouldn’t you want to know if the plumbing is functional? Request us to inspect your pipes. Our skilled plumbers will allow you to observe the inspection of your pipes, or we can videotape the inspection and provide you with evidence of any potential problems.
Gas Inspection At BC Plumbing, we have been recognized by the state plumbing board as master gas fitters. We are the qualified professionals to turn to for all of your gas filing and inspection needs.
Replacement Services
3 Services
Fixture Replacement Faucets / Garbage Disposals / Showers / Sinks / Toilets / Tubs If you need to replace a bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, garbage disposal, or any other fixture, you’ve come to the right place. Our company’s professional plumbers have mastered the art of replacing fixtures. We can make your fixture dreams come true because we have installed thousands of them in our 20+ years of service.
Sewer & Water Replacement Have you come across a sewer and/or water pipe that has failed or stopped working? BC Plumbing is fully prepared to replace any sewer or water service with our own excavators and operators.
Water Heater Replacement Electric / Gas / InstaHot / Instant / On Demand / Tanked / Tankless Unfortunately, not all water heaters can be repaired. In this case, BC Plumbing has all of the necessary tools and knowledge to replace any brand of water heater. We can also convert your old tanked water heater to an on-demand tankless water heater. Or perhaps your family has grown and you require a larger water heater than you currently have. We are prepared to handle any water heater replacement job.

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