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The Hidden Costs of Unlicensed Plumbing: A BC Plumbing Insight

The Hidden Costs of Unlicensed Plumbing: A BC Plumbing Insight
Facing plumbing issues? Unlicensed work can lead to costly, inefficient fixes. Learn from a real case where BC Plumbing's licensed expertise provided a lasting, code-compliant solution. Choose professional, worry-free plumbing services with BC Plumbing. Schedule your free estimate now!

Why Cutting Corners in Plumbing Can Cost You More

As we explore the world of plumbing, we often come across installations carried out by unlicensed individuals. While it may seem like a good way to save money, it raises an important question: Is it a cost-effective choice when it eventually leads to double expenses, i.e., paying an unlicensed worker and then hiring a professional to rectify their errors?

A Case Study of a Faulty Installation

Imagine this scenario: A homeowner hires an unlicensed person to install their shower drain. As a result, the drain was installed without a P-trap, reduced improperly to 1.5 inches, and connected to an old 1.25-inch galvanized drum trap arm. At first, the drain worked fine, but it quickly became problematic. Over time, the galvanized piping clogged and eventually collapsed, causing the drain’s performance to decline.

BC Plumbing’s Expert Intervention

How should it have been addressed? BC Plumbing was able to use their expertise to solve the problem. We removed the faulty piping, core drilled through the footer, and installed new plumbing for the shower drain. Our work is designed to last and function properly, not just provide a temporary fix. Additionally, our installations comply with building codes and have a warranty for your peace of mind.

Choose Licensed Professionals, Choose BC Plumbing

Although we hope you will choose BC Plumbing for your plumbing requirements, our main recommendation is always to go for licensed professionals. BC Plumbing guarantees that every job is completed correctly and efficiently, meeting all building regulations. Opting for expert services like ours saves you money in the long run and saves you from unnecessary stress and future complications.

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